Each year, the Earth Week Film Festival brings prudent culture to the fore in San Francisco and beyond. The common goal is to showcase art and film projects created by Earth-sensitive individuals with the purpose of fashioning a global collective consciousness movement to extend greater understanding about environmental remediation. Films and art selected to be shared demonstrate the need for awareness throughout the world and how earth-friendly initiatives must gain a broader, more favorable acceptance in culture. The festival runs completely on Clean Energy with zero waste goals to support our effort to form a healthier planet.

Attending Earth Week Film Festival

When attending the Festival, keep our purpose to honor the Earth in mind, as we do not allow one-time-use products such as disposable cups and plastic bags. Bring a refillable container for water or other beverages. Over four days, our itinerary includes film features, panel discussions and lectures from industry leaders. Other activities include nature walks, performance art and culinary demonstrations, using locally sourced organic food.

We begin with an opening reception and maintain a packed schedule of events throughout the weekend, with a diverse offering of outlets designed toward appealing to all facets of the human journey on Earth. Join us for a celebration of our planet while learning how to engage in practices that benefit our world. Creating an immersive experience fosters a better teaching platform, which is why celebrating cinematic works is not the sole focus.

The Advancement of Our Purpose

As we evolve, we are reaching more countries and proudly lending our support to similar initiatives throughout the world. While much of the weekend takes place at popular theater venues, we are continually striving to seek out alternatives such as offering outdoor screenings, using unconventional screens on which to project selected films. Honoring Earth through art and education is our goal, and as we evolve as a society, our plan for greener lifestyles must follow the same degree of evolution.

Earth Week Film Festival Submissions

Each year, we look forward to previewing inventive concepts from brilliant filmmakers who have focused their efforts on creating a film that expresses a passion for global consciousness, be it in topic or in production. Fiction works are allowed, as long as they are not currently being promoted through traditional channels. Those interested in submitting must verify they have the legal right to submit their film for consideration and agree to all terms and conditions. During the festival weekend, we hold an industry mixer, where the year’s appointed filmmakers forge valuable relationships with environmental organizations.

We do not pay screening fees, but selected films are seen by a broad audience, and marketing efforts are enhanced from the exposure. Two VIP passes and a gift bag are given to the creator of each selected film. Approved filmmakers have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to be applied toward a future environmental film project and have potential to receive any of our prestigious awards, including the main category that honors the film that best aligns its message for a thriving planet in every stage of production, beginning with conception.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Without contributors, we could not reach the number of people we do per year, and we greatly appreciate introducing the public to brands with a mission that mirrors our message. Sponsoring The Earth Week Film Festival is a unique opportunity for businesses, as their brand is seen by environmentally conscious consumers who are dedicated to sustainable practices.

In addition to substantial exposure during festival weekend, sponsors are promoted through our social media channels, newspaper coverage and television and radio interviews. Events held to promote the festival provide further publicity. We offer varied levels of sponsorship and would love taking time to discuss a partnership for a better planet.

Exploring how we can reduce our environmental impact on the world has led to great achievements, and we are proud to be part of the momentous Earth Day crusade. Our curated films are screened all over the world, not only in our home base of San Francisco, and we hope to continue to reach those seeking to engage in a more meaningful cinematic experience.